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Beyond the image of a cold medical aid, interior harmony and no repulsion to anyone.
We pursue user-friendly disabled/aged-friendly products.

Guardian Angel Safety Handle

Supplies for creating a self-reliant environment and preventing safety accidents during indoor movement and activities;

  • Attachable
    • - 100% wood use and ergonomic safety angle for increased comfort and stability
    • - Easy to identify even when dark by applying glow-in-the-dark bands
    • - Excellent interior harmony by ultra-simple construction design and clean finish
  • Cradle type
    • - Easy installation by placing on the toilet or floor without perforating separately.
    • - Excellent design, safe and comfortable seating and standing for your environment
  • Column-type
    • - can be installed anywhere that touches the ceiling and floor, such as living room, room, and porch
    • - Easy to install just by fixing the ceiling and floor without perforating separately
    • - Sophisticated design that harmonizes with durability and interior with excellent anodizing
of Bath-Room