Design philosophy

Discover adventurous beauty

  • Cebien Design Philosophy

    Discover adventurous beauty

  • Cebien Design Principle

    Universal Design - User Friendly

    Simple is the best - Aiming Essential Needs

    Life Cycle Assessment - For Humanity

  • Cebien Design [Core Competitiveness]

    <Design Management Ability> based of innovative foundation which covers product and humanity

  • Cebien Design [Result of Innovation]

    creating premium value for the first time in the world

    Creating Uniquity : In the middle of changing value of market and social value, created own product line-up without being swayed by brand companies of USA/Germany/Japan

Vision / Strategy

The Design Technology Research Institute is the driving force behind achieving the top spot in the Sebien bathroom.

Based on our advanced technology, we are continuously making efforts to lead the domestic bathroom field and create greater value through this.
Through design/technology development, we are expanding our scope not only through innovation of bathroom space but also through product development of living space.

  • step.1

    Gain design competitiveness through bathroom/living space research

    Through design competitiveness that leads bathroom trends, we gain the upper hand in design and dominate the market.

  • step.2

    Creating value through the commercialization of technology

    We create new profit value through technology with the goal of commercializing technology.

  • step.3

    Securing new growth engines through future-oriented design & technology development

    Create new profitable value through technology with the goal of commercializing technology.