Total 6

  • 1. Do not disassemble, repair, or remodel.

    2. Do not apply excessive force or shock during operation. (There may be damage.)

    3. Open the hot/cold water handle slowly and place it in the center position after use. (This can prevent burns caused by hot water.)

    4. When moving the body, do not use the fixture on the shelf as the handle or hold it too hard (it may damage or fall down).

  • 1. Do you use groundwater? (The foreign substances from the groundwater may precipitate and block the spray).

    2. Remove foreign substances with a needle or pin.

  • 1. Is the head of the hand shower connected? (Tighten the head to the right completely.)

    2. Isn't the rubber ring on the hand shower connection broken or missing? (Please put the rubber ring on.)

  • Check the water pressure and main valve of the building.

    Are you done with the jet injection, please remove any debris from the jet with a needle or pin.

  • 1. The temperature of the water during use may change depending on the hot water supply method of the relevant house.

    2. Check the boiler.

    3. The temperature of the water can change if it is being used in the kitchen or elsewhere at the same time

  • 1. Check the number of units.

    2. Check the water main valve.

    3. Make sure the valve is turned to the end.